Iris Wolff tells the eventful history of a family from the Banat region in Eastern Europe, whose ties are so closely knit that they do not break, even across borders. A novel about how loss and new beginnings are linked.
Would Florentine and Hannes have opened their door to the two young travellers even if they had guessed what role the visit from the GDR would play later in the life of the family in the Banat region?
Would Samuel have given his best friend his full support even if he had understood the extent of his decision?

In »The Blurriness of the World«, the lives of seven people, seven relatives by choice, are connected, and despite strokes of fate and geographical distances, they keep converging incessantly. Against the background of the collapsing Eastern Bloc and the eventful history of the 20th century, this is a great novel about friendship and what we are prepared to give up for the happiness of another. Artistically and with great precision, Iris Wolff explores the possibilities and limits of language and memory – and tells about who we are, seen through the eyes of the others.

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