The first time I entered the yard of the house I didn't noticed the small wooden building, which was hidden behind bushes and wild fig trees. After few months my neighbour told be that this was not chicken house, but the Old Barn.

We could say that this was the house of a rich family, because it has a barn. 


  The barn was going to fall. Almost destroyed roof, the whole building was tilted on one side. It was barely visible that this was a barn before, but after this was chicken coop, storage for trash and more. With few words - it wasn't very warming to look at this building. Inside it was separated on sections. It looks that before they used separated trays for the different crops and seeds. Old oak beams were separating the trays.  The wood was hand carved with an axe or other similar tool. All connected by hand, which on nowadays is done with different tools.  

       There were no iron assemblies. Only few old nails to fix the vertical beams. The inside walls were oak wood as well. They were pressed one to another so precisely that there were no joints between them. Curvy, but fixed one to another. And all of this was made 200 years ago only by hand. How it is even possible to create sunch construction without using any tools?! I can only admire this. 

      Long time I was wondering what to do with this building. Birdwatching hide or storage or bedroom or sauna... I didn't want just to destroy it and to remove it. I had to bring it back to life.          

       The autumn of 2021 I started the renovation. Removed the old roof for two days and around a week I was cleaning the trash leftovers from inside. It was full with many, many stuff. Okay, so the question was how to straight the fallen construction. It came to my mind not to prop it up, but to pull it with hard metal rope. This is how I managed to pull it back few centimeters which was enough to fix the construction and all boards to be back at their places.       

      I left one of the crops troughs to be a bed with a coffer. To stood out the oak beams I grouted them in white. And the roof - this is what I am proud of. It is with a view - view to the woods through the day and to the starts in the night. 

        I turned it to the most interesting bedroom in the Nest. Bedroom with a view to the real stars.