Activities in the area around of of the guest house
Каяци, Каякинг в язовор Студен кладенец
Kayaking on Studen Kladenets dam

You like water and forests? You are attracted to Eastern Rhodoper with its wild dams and nature? You are seeking amazing sunsets and panoramic views? Than this is your activity! Active vacation at the same time convenient for those who get on a kayak for the very fist time. 

Studen Kladenets is one of the three dams on Arda river and one of the largest in the region of Eastern Rhodopes. 28 km lenght, surrounded by beautiful bays, cliffs and sand dunes, the dam is exceptional with the biodiversity. Cormorants, ducks and pelicans are living in the lake's waters, the colonies of Griffon vultures straight in the high cliffs of the protected areas. Deers and stags from the Hunting farm "Studen Kladenets" on the South shore are walking around. 

Level: Easy, good for children with companion

Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Price: 50.00 BGN for adult

Inclusions: Group leader, kayak, equipment


Каякинг по река Арда, Маджарово
Kayaking on Arda river from Madzharovo to the village of Borislavtsi

The tour is realized in low waters of the river, safe, suitable for at least 5 years old children.

This is an adventure suitable not only for experienced kayakers, but also for beginners.The itinerary passes through one of the most beautiful places, between two of the protected areas in the region and next to deposits of semi-precious minerals. The tour starts with short instructions on the beach, next to the vulture's colony. After some dry training we practice the moves in the waters of the famous Arda horseshoe and then we start our adventure. During the whole time vultures are flying above our hads and black storks are dancing in the clean waters of Arda looking for their breakfast.  With binoculars provided everyone could enjoy closely the bird's world. The guides are having encyclopedic knowledge of geology and biodiversity of the area. On the way there are few stops for searching semi-precious minerals as jasper, opal, chalcedony, amethysts. 

The tour operates with two-seated kayaks and starts every day at 09:30 from the parking lot of the Nature Concervation Centre Eastern Rhodopes, located next to the bridge above Arda river.

Availability is upon request and pre-booking is a must. 

Level: Easy to moderate
Duration: Approx. 4 hours (7-11km distance)
Price: 50.00 BGN per person
Inclusions: Guide, equipment, kayak, transport back to the starting point
Children policy: 5 to 7 yrs old are free of charge. 8 to 14 years old are charged on 50% of the price
Tour leader - Marin Kurtev - 0887 941 698

Колоездене в Родопите
Biking tours in Eastern Rhodopes

If you like to change the view in a minute - this is your adventure. 

During the tour you will enjoy various picturesque views, magical cliffs, mountains and rivers, traditions and folklore - all combined in unforgettable journey! Active days and calm nights in Eastern Rhodopes - lets enjoy them together! Level is moderate to hard, having previous experience in mountain biking is a must. Don't forget to take you good mood too!

Rate: Upon request (accoring to number of participants and duration)
Please contact us for further detail

Treasure hunt of semi-precious minerals

Full-day tour in the surroundings of Madzharovo and Studen Kladenets dam. We know secret places of mineral deposits and experienced knowledge of the region's geology. This adventure is suitable for individuals and groups. The tresure hunt is suitable for any period of the year, but the best one is Spring - end of March and beginning of April. 

During the tour we visit the largest landslides in Bulgaria and abrasive wells of Arda river. In the prismatic weathering of the cliffs around Studen Kladenets dam we will find different shapes of chalcedony and agate. On the shores of Arda river we will find mountain crystals, green and red jaspis, opal, opalized corals, different fossils. In the volcano remains around Madzharovo are located the best deposits of amethyst.

Price: 250.00 BGN for guide/leader
Tour leader - Marin Kurtev - 0887 941 698


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Come and enjoy a nature-based vacation in the Eastern Rhodopes, the town of Madzharovo and on the secluded beaches of the Arda River. Take a walk to the sanctuaries and fortresses in the area, take a tour of the popular routes on foot or by bicycle, explore the life of the local birds of prey and biodiversity.