The food

Homemade food in the Old Nest

 Our cuisine - for the adults is going back to the childhood, for the children is creating memories. For coziness, warmth, solidarity and truthfulness. 

Home made delicious food in Bulgaria
Home made delicious food in Bulgaria

A home's heart is the kitchen and we create our foor with heart and soul. We believe that the true ecological and healthy eating is made with ingredients who doesn't take more than 2 days to get to our table.  
Big part of the products which we use, we produce ourselves - fruits and vegetables. Every day we bake fresh bread with flours from local small mill. 


Our eggs are coming from Iliya's chickens and they are fed with grass and worms.


Our milk comes from "Zlatoustovo Granny" and her two cows and it travels 20km to get to us. With the milk we make our delicious deserts,  yoghurt and cheese. 


Our beef is from local Bulgarian breeds, which are living free on the mountain hills. 


When our production is over, our neighbours Madzharovi's gardens are giving us fresh vegetables, onions, potatoes and more. 


And not to miss George Kochev who lives next door and you will recognize him by the perfectly ordered fruit trees garden, which gives us plums, apples and peaches for our homemade jams. He also produces the most clean honey in the area. 


And Ani, of couse - she is our Wonder Woman! Every day she comes to help us with the everyday stuff in the house. Also she run the kitchen as good as a real woman do!


In the Old Nest it is possible to get on a table with different and interesting people. We believe in sharing, a sharing our food is the way we could get really close to each other. Same as in every ordinary family, we sit on the table together, we share how our day was and we plan the next one together.  

Home made delicious food in Bulgaria
Home made delicious food in Bulgaria

Breakfast (included)

Traditional Bulgarian breakfast with scent by the Rhodopes - mekitsa, banitsa, french toast, pancakes, trahana. Fresh fruits, our homemade jams, homemade joghurt, oats, honey, cheese, espresso coffee and tea. 

Dinner (upon request)

Dinner includes: salad, main course, dessert, homemade bread and seasonal dip. 
Seasonal cuisine, local and signature recipies with eco products. 
Whatever Mother Nature gives us today it comes to the table tonight. 


  • Three course menu (adult): 30.00 BGN per person
  • Three course menu (children from 7 to 14 years old): 25.00 BGN per person
  • Three course vegetarian menu (adult): 26.00 BGN per person
  • Three course vegetarian menu (children from 7 to 14 years old): 20.00 BGN per person
  • Service tax when bringing own soft/alcoholic drinks inside the dinning area: 4.00 BGN per person per day

We are suitable to any king of special diets or food requirements, therefore please inform us in advance. 

* Please, have in mind that in the house we offer homemade food, please avoid bringing your own foods inside, except when nessecary.  

** Please be aware that the kitchen is NOT for guest's use. 

Welcome in Guest house The Old Nest

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