Location: Town of Madzharovo - 3km Southeast from the Town on the road to Borislavtsi village on the left shore of Arda river. It is located in the lands of Gorno Pole village. 

About: The only protected are in Madzharovo with status of Natural Landmark, declared in order to preserve nests of rare and intimidated bird species. 

"Kovan Kaya" is one of the few places in Bulgaria where Griffon and Egyptian vulture are nesting. Here is coming also the Black vulture for feeding. The last one is no longer nesting in Bulgaria, but it migrates from the Greek part of Rhodope mountains. Here could be seen also black storks, many Eastern species as blue rock thrush and rock bricklayer. The endangered Thorntail and thorn tortoise are also common.

41.6494940, 25.8766500