Location: Town of Madzharovo, 4 km asphalt road North-West from the town centre on the road to Gorno pole village, the left shore of Arda river. On West the Nature Landscape Kovan Kaya is located.

About: The largest protected area in Madzharovo municipality, declared in order to protect the habitats and significant species diversity of animals and plants protected and threatened with extinction on a national and European scale. Includes rock complexes, mixed oak forests, shrubs and pastures. The Black Sea bucket (Fritiliaria pontica), the Thracian donkey thistle (Cardius thracicus), the small and porous mulberry (Verbascum humile, V. roripifolia), which are included in the Red Book, bloom here.

The protected area is essential for the conservation of rare and endangered amphibians and reptiles - Hyla arborea, Malpolon monspessulanum. The density of the snake lizard here is one of the highest in the Eastern Rhodopes. The avifauna is also extremely diverse. There are 67 breeding species, of which 22 have an unfavorable conservation status in Bulgaria. Sitta neumayer, Falco peregrinus, and Monticola solitarius breed on the rocks. Jynx torquila, Caprimulgus europaeus, and Lanius senator can also be observed. The mammals include the wild cat (Felis silvestris), wild boar (Sus scrofa), squirrel (Martes foina), fox (Vulpes vulpes).
Not far from here you can see the typical for the Eastern Rhodopes Thracian rock niches.

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