Location: On 13 km from the Town of Madzharovo, on 2 km from Dolni Glavanak village on the road to Haskovo

About: This archaeological site was discovered in 1998 year by an archaeological team, with researcher Dr. Georgi Nehrizov from the National Archaeological Institute and Museum - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), which was conducting studies of the Madzharovo region. 

The Chromleh is a religious monument, built by vertically upright huge megalith stone blocks (megaliths), depicting a cycle with inner diameter of 10m. The blocks are situated right down on the rock, without prior formation of a place for their erection. It was surrounded sacred area where religious acts were held. The nation “Chromleh” was adopted in West Europe for representing constructions like this one and the most popular monument of that kind is the famous “Stonehenge” in South England. 
Only religious leaders (priests) were allowed to enter the surrounded sacred area in order to perform their rituals. 
So far, this is the one one of its kind well-preserved cult facility on the territory of Bulgaria. During its archaeological study in 1999, scientists found out that the Chromleh was built during the second phase of The Early Iron Age (8-6 century BC). The discovered parts of pottery, peaces of plaster and metal tools concentrated mainly around the upright stone blocks are evidences for the cult rituals implemented here. This cult facility was functional during a long period of time. The cult rituals were also implemented during The Late Iron Age (5-1 century BC). Single findings prove that the Chromleh was worshiped during the Middle Ages as well. Two smaller facilities, built by stones arranged in circles are situated South of the Chromleh. Additionally traces of child burials by cremation were found at this site. 
The Chromleh is declared an archaeological cultural monument of National significance and is a protected by the State laws. 

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