Location: Dzhanka village, on approximately 1 hour drive from Madzharovo on the way to Krumovgrad, passing by Potochnitza village. In the first neighborhood there is lay-by on the left, continue driving by the end of the village, then a red marked trail is starting. You could reach the coulee by steep slope for around 10 min. to concrete bridge - this is Dudhun coulee. You could extend the trail by the river flow, where you will find amazing water abyss and places for relaxing.

About: Nature landscape. Beautiful, dangerous and scary place is hidden in the surroundings of Dzhanka village. In the smooth walls of its riverbed, the nearby Dushun Dere River has carved deep pools. Their depth reaches almost 15 meters and the water swirls dizzyingly in them. Although scary, the area is charming and seductive with its beauty. Near the village, but hidden from human view, the place has that special energy charge that makes the few who visit it come back here again.

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